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  • Washing and Drying and Palletizing Line
    IP-W3 Can Washing and Drying and Palletizing Line
    IP-W3 Can Washing and Drying and Palletizing Line With 24 years in the canning field, Interpack Group is able to provide products and services much more than tin cans only.   We are able to supply single machine such as filling machine, seaming machine and retort pot. Besides, we are also able to supply total project design and whole production line. Let us know your target, and then we will make a drawing and a whole project proposal including machines, power consumption, workers, lands area, technology support and so on. No. Item Dimension(mm) Material Power Conveyor 1 Hydraulic Lift System L800xW500xH870 -- -- -- 2 Turntable L1100xW500xH870 304# stainless steel 1.5KW -- 3 Can Washer L3000xW500xH870 304# stainless steel pipe 1.5KW x 2 0.37KW x 1 Nylon chain plate 304#stainless steel bearing 4 Dryer Machine L2550xW500x H870 304# stainless steel pipe 40 x 60 x1.5mm 1.5KW x 1 1.1KW x 4 5.5KW x 1 19.05mm Double conveyor chain 5 Can Collection Conveyor L3100xW1200xH870 SUS304 pipe 60 x 40 x¢1.5mm 38 x 38 x¢1.5mm 30 x 15 x¢1.5mm SUS304¢1.5mm SUS304 bearing 206/205 0.75KW 19.05mm Double conveyor chain 6 Can Depalletizer Mach L1450xW500xH870 -- -- -- Packaging Poly film package, Wooden box
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