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  • Sardine Can
    311# Empty Sardine Tin Can
    311# Empty Sardine Tin Can 2 piece can is made on punching machine, one piece tinplate sheet will be cut to be round shape firstly and then be punched vertically. 2 piece can usually has aluminum internal lacquer and used to pack meat and fish. 2 piece can is stack-able because the bottom diameter is a little smaller than top. It is able to make printing external surface, but it’s a little more difficult than 3 piece can. Anyway, Interpack Group can do it perfectly. Find high quality Sardine Tin Cans at INTERPACK, which is one of professional canned food products manufacturer. Can Body Picture No. Item Spec 1  Material  TFS, T2.5BA 2  Diameter  L106.6*W63*H28mm 3  Can Height  68.0 ± 0.10mm (Adjustable) 4  Thickness  0.20mm 5  Internal Lacquer  12g Aluminum Organosol 6  External Lacquer  5g Gold lacquer Double Seam Specification Picture No. Item Spec.   1  Width  69.40±0.25mm 2  Length  113.35±0.25mm 3  Curl Height  2.00±0.25mm 4  Countersink Depth  3.25±0.20mm 5  Seaming Compound Weight  95±15mm 6  Compressive Strength  ≥160mm 7  Pop strength  15-30mm 8  Tear trength  60-100mm  9  match up diameter of the can  103.85×59.85mm Packaging Other Terms: No. Item Spec. 1  Lead time  Around 30 days 2  Payment term  1) 100% L/C at sight  2) 30% by T/T in advance, balance against B/L copy  3) Other payment term Should be negotiated 3  Free service  Free seaming chuck (2 pc) 4  Other service  Cost effective seaming machine
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